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Is Your Perfectionism Eating Away At Your Happiness?

Is Your Perfectionism Eating Away At Your Happiness?

“What’s so bad about being a perfectionist” my client asked me, “if it means I simply like things to be well done?”

Well yes, of course, if just meant to simply enjoy things done ‘correctly’ and efficiently.. But, what about when it starts eating away at your levels of happiness?

What then?

Is it worth it?

‘Wait up’ I hear you say.. ‘Eat away at my levels of happiness?? What’s she going on about?’
So, let’s go back to the beginning…
What does it mean to be a perfectionist?

Well, we like things done perfectly right? But as a result, nothing we do is ever good enough until we see absolutely zero flaws in the said task/person/action.
So tell me this, how often is it possible to create something with zero flaws?
Can we ever truly create a masterpiece without seeing a single thing to change?

How Does It Manifest Day To Day?

I’ve seen people at an absolute standstill, unable to move forward or get a task completed because it still isn’t perfect. The result? It never gets done.
It just bounces around in the back of our minds waiting to be crossed off the list, unable to move forward nor backward.
I’ve seen people try their hand at something with no prior experience and expect it to be professional and flawless the first time round.
And the worst part?
They be­­­­at themselves up and kick themselves to the ground when it isn’t perfect…

It’s around this time that the little voices in our minds turn up the volume and we hear things like “you aren’t good enough”, “so typical of you to mess this up”, “everyone is going to notice how sh** you are.”
Sound familiar?

If this is you, you know all about that constant voice of failure, the inability to attempt something out of fear of failing at it, the conversations you re-run in your mind. All the variables of what you could or should have said instead­­. How others will judge you if you’re messy, or late or mistaken and that constant mental list of things you need to tick off and get done.
Are you seeing the problem yet?

Keeping up such a level of perfection for everything within your life is not only problematic for your self-esteem, but also absolutely exhausting. Nobody can keep such rigid control over themselves without balance being restored elsewhere.

Here is where our next dilemma comes in…

The ‘All Or Nothing’ Cycle

The exhausting tightly wound perfection needs an outlet, a way to blow off steam and recoup. And, from what I’ve noticed with my clients, it’s usually a period where all self-imposed rules go out the window.
The creamy, heavy, gluten-filled pasta that you usually steer clear of? Yes, please! Chocolate cake for breakfast? Because, why not? It’s time to close the blinds, load up the movies and hibernate in the bat-cave for a week.

I bring this up not out of judgement (absolutely zero. I’m a total fan of chocolate for breakfast and heavy pasta) but because it absolutely breaks my heart to see that rather than enjoying your period of re-balance and going with the flow, you use it as another excuse to despise and beat yourself up. You wonder why you do this to yourself and question why you can’t be like everyone else. So, what happens next? You kick yourself in the butt and try to make up for the ‘slothiness’ by getting back on your 150%, ‘A’ game…

And so the cycle continues…

This is what I mean when I say that perfectionism eats away at your levels of happiness,
I see it time and time again.
At no point throughout that whole cycle did you have one moment of simple chilled out happiness without putting pressure on yourself.
As I said, it breaks my heart.

Most of the time I feel like it’s the really, genuinely, awesome ones that rip into themselves the hardest.

I genuinely wish they could let all that baggage go and see themselves in the same way as that I see them. I wish I could take off their self, image glasses and give them the glasses that I wear when I see and speak to them. 
Because I obviously can’t do this, instead, I’m going to give you a few tips to ease and soothe these tendencies while you organise your next Kinesiology appointment (which you can do here.

The Correction.

Mentally: Learn to accept yourself the way you are, the good, the bad, the ugly.
You, my dear, notice your flaws much more than anyone else does and when others do notice them, we tend to either forget them in a heartbeat or add it to the colourful mosaic that is you. Trust me, we don’t define you, your character or your worth by imperfect details. Just go with the flow, stop fighting.

If you need some re-enforcement, try these affirmations:
‘I accept myself regardless of what I do’
‘I don’t have to be perfect. My best is good enough.’
‘I am acceptable, regardless of what I do’
‘I know and do what is right for me’

Physically: Flower Essences are one of my favourite tools to use, namely since they work so effectively with so little effort. The longer you use them and the deeper they rebalance and anchor. You can order some here, or get in touch with me if you can’t see yours in the list.

  • Whitethorn– Helps us be more gentle with ourselves. It brings a sense of optimistic freshness and helps our thinking to move in new, innovative directions. It helps release us from succumbing to old patterns and habits, especially if we have continued to act them out after initially recognizing them.
  • Rock Water: For those who are very strict in their way of living.  They deny themselves many of the joys and pleasures in life because they consider it may interfere with their work.  They are hard masters to themselves and have very high standards to maintain. 
  • Prickly Pear Cactus– The key word here is ‘adaptability’. It’s qualities help us to surrender to the flow of life’s events and wonderful for culture shock and change.
  • Beech– Is the primary flower essence for all things intolerant.  This makes it a perfect choice for handling anger and frustrations.  It helps calm nerves and over reactions to anything.
  • Pine– helps when we blame ourselves for things done or undone. It helps us to acknowledge our faults without dwelling on them, and put right where we can the things we did wrong.
  • Pencil Cholla Cactus For feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed by details. It helps us to focus continually in a specific direction and find steadiness with our intention. It brings clarity and surrender into and through obstacles. 

Anchor The Change With A Kinesiology Session.

So, lovely one, if you relate to these perfectionist tendencies, I hope this has helped and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me  or book a session if you’d like some some fast track backup to remove those boulders you’re carrying. 

Speak to you soon!

xx Alicia

Achieve Your Goals! (You’ve totally got this!)

Achieve Your Goals! (You’ve totally got this!)

Let me ask you this, when do you feel proud of yourself the most?
​When does your self-esteem get a nice little pump up?? 
If you were to break it right down, is it when you’ve worked towards and achieved something that you put your mind to? When in the end, you think ‘Woop Woop! I did it!!’ 
Yep! That’s what I thought…

The Importance of Goals.

As humans, we naturally want more, it’s been in our nature since the birth of time to improve our situations and our environments. If you consider Maslow’s hierarchy of human need, you’ll notice that as we achieve stability and fulfilment of one level, we naturally progress to the next level until we achieve self actualization. Having read a lot about the psychology of self actualized people recently, let me tell you, it’s fascinating stuff; but, the details are for another article 🙂 

My point is, whatever level of Maslow’s hierarchy you are in, setting your goals, removing your blocks and satisfying your needs will move you towards self actualization and life purpose.

Whether you have short or long term goals, large or small goals; achieving them and moving forward to where you want to be will inevitably:

  • Create self fulfilment, self satisfaction and boost your self esteem.
  • Squash out stagnation that leads to glumness, boredom and inevitably depression.
  • Provide you with a sense of meaning, purpose and self actualisation. 
  • Inspire and enthuse others to reach their goals and improve their lifestyles.
  • Lift your vibration and with that, joy and vibrance. 

You’ve got everything to win and nothing to loose! Let’s get goal busting!

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Choose Your Goal Category.

Which category needs enhancement in your life?

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Financial
  • Career and Work
  • Relationship

Setting Your Goal

So now that you set your goal category, create and imagine the goal you want to attain. Create a clear image in your mind and visualize yourself doing or having your goal. This creates a clear intention throughout your whole being, you’d be surprised at how much your body attains and creates things for us when the intention is clear and you know what you want.

If, for example, wealth is your focus, imagine looking at your bank account and seeing the amount on your statement. What situations will you find yourself in that you don’t have now? Make the image clear, give it colour, give it feeling.

You also need to create a statement, with positive wording and in the present tense. Rather than “I am pain free” you want a statement like “I move freely and feel healthy and vibrant” and an image of you playing tennis or walking in a beautiful setting. 

Maybe your goal is of a growing business? A goal could be ‘My business and I, are flowing freely and abundant’, imagine a queue outside your place of work and a diary full of appointments. 

Set Your Timeframe. 

Obviously this will depend on your goal, will this be achievable within the next year or is this a long term goal?

Make your timeline realistic so as to not put too much pressure on yourself resulting in burnout but don’t be fearful of it and push it into the distance. You want a nice flow that moves you forward and drives you.

Now pick a date and write it down under your goal statement. I hope you’re getting excited now, you’re soon going to start manifesting!

​Stepping Stones

This is one of the very important bits! What do you have to do to get there? What needs to be eliminated and what needs to be enhanced? What steps do you need to take to get there? 

Break down your timeline and steps into manageable chunks. 

Write it down, make your step by step journey for the coming months and pin it on your noticeboard!

Lets say for example your goal is to have $50 000 dollars in your account in one years time.
Thats around $4200 every month.  
Minus expenses. How will you generate that? Will you invest in shares? Open a high interest savings account? Create a passive income source? What means will you utilize to spend less and save more each month? 

Maybe your goal is to remove your anxiety. Maybe start with some EFT and meditation techniques in the first month, then the second month you might join a yoga class. Third month could be to gently get yourself out there and interact in social situations. 

Whatever your goal is, create yourself some stepping stones that you can apply, achieve and get comfortable with. Step to your destination!

Clear The Slate.

You’d never give your house a makeover without first getting rid of the clutter. It’s just the same when you prepare an objective. Give yourself a spring clean and a fresh start to build your foundations on. 

Get rid of toxic people or set up boundaries, clear your debts and finish past projects. Whatever it is, clean up your surroundings so that when you’re at the starting line, your road in nice and clear and you won’t be carrying unnecessary baggage.  


Oh yes, there will be roadblocks somewhere along the way! When you reach those moments of stuckness, analyze the why? Are you uncomfortable getting out there? Do you have a fear of being successful? Is it a case of overwhelm? You may have a conscious or subconscious block that needs to be dissolved and shifted, if that’s the case, book in with your Kinesiologist, to get back on track quickly.

​Let’s not kid ourselves here, we all have issues and roadblocks and there is no need to be overly proud that you feel you need to do it alone. Personally, I see my kinesiologist every few months when I need a top up and also have an awesome and fun coach (Trudy Simmons from The Daisy Chain Group is AHA-MAZING) that keeps me on track when I feel like I’m swimming upstream. 

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT get stuck here! Keep moving forward! If you do, you will not only re-enforce the idea that your goal is unachievable AND feel like crap that you couldn’t do it. If you can get yourself unstuck great! Otherwise, get help from a pro. 

Setting The Pace.

Just because you have your stepping stones and grand goal set up, don’t be afraid to adjust it and tweak it to improve and facilitate the process. Review what worked and what didn’t each time you complete and get comfortable with a new task. This will help you create a better system, identify and improve your weaknesses, as well as maximizing your strengths. 

A humble word of advice: Don’t forget to live, have fun and have hobbies! This is life, there are other things than one fixed objective, hobbies will keep you grounded and maintain a sense of fun, whatever happens.
Also, celebrate your achievements! This will reinforce your determination and sense of satisfaction! Your goal should be determined but not rigid, if you have a hick-up, roll with it, it’s no biggie, it’s a lesson, it’s a challenge and it wouldn’t be interesting if it was easy. Feel good about yourself, you’re now moving in the direction you want rather than floating along!
You should be feeling boosted and empowered rather than overdriven and eventually exhausted. 

Now, go do it!
You’ve totally got this!
I’m here if you need a boost, a sounding board or a strategy.

Escape Depression.

Escape Depression.

One of the very first things to consider and eliminate when trying to heal from depression is the possibility of depression due to other causes. Certain ailments and conditions such as insomnia have long being associated with depression, as has thyroid conditions and diabetes to name a few. Certain prescription drugs have also been linked to depression, so, before reading on,  do a mental scan of drugs and illnesses you currently have and visit your doctor to eliminate any of these causes.​​​

Due to the complex and independent make up of each individual as well as the variables and depths that trigger and maintain depression; this article will focus on mild depression called Dysthymia.

The advice and tips stated have very high success when considered and applied conscientiously and routinely while your symptoms and mindset are healing and the long-term cause is being addressed.

Also note that although applying all the following information may seem overwhelming, the key is to actually start applying the habits you are comfortable with! For example, if exercise is not your thing, don’t pressure yourself! Start with food changes and find a therapist to start with. Any change is better than none!

The Mental Driver- Seek a Therapist.

Reason 1: Research has shown that patients who seek and ensure a mental support system, have encountered lower relapse rates, more effective and faster recoveries compared to those who only used physical treatments such as anti-depressants.  

Reason 2: There is usually a mental anxiety associated or driving depression, you need to address this, it’s probably the most important thing you need to do. Something within your lifestyle and day-to-day life is bringing you down, wearing you out and depleting your physical resources. 

What is it? 

Hate your job? Bored and unappreciated within your marriage? Previous trauma? Or just not where you want to be? Whatever the reason, seek a therapist, dissolve the stress surrounding the issue, and resolve it. As you can see, keeping it in your mind growing and niggling at you isn’t working very well. 

Don’t skimp on this step, you’ll be amazed at how efficient therapy is when you find someone that’s right for you, whether it be a Counsellor, Kinesiologist or whatever modality you’re most comfortable with, the results on your wellbeing, future, and lifestyle will pay you back ten-fold the initial investment you injected. 

​You’ll need to find someone specialized in depression, someone you are comfortable with but also have respect for and trust. ​​

The Physical Driver- Does Your Body Have What It Needs To Feel Good??

Alright, so, people seem to freak out about this one, they seem to think you have to turn into a major health junkie, the idea of making even a small change is just ‘oh yeah’, but can’t be bothered. 

I have never quite understood this, food is the BIGGEST fuel your body needs, yes, it is a kind machine that will adapt and do its best even when we feed it junk. BUT of course, you will feel the effects if you simply do not provide it with what it fundamentally needs to serve you and run efficiently. 

Having said that, I think that overdriving ourselves and putting too many restrictions in our lifestyles is counter-productive, so, ALL YOU NEED TO DO is increase certain foods and drop others. Think of it like tipping the scales back into a better equilibrium

That way, you don’t have all the cravings and torment but you are essentially going back into the right direction. Once started, the inertia increases; you feel better from having made small changes and that new found energy and motivation will provide you with further resources to further improve your lifestyle and make the necessary changes. 

Make a plan and hold yourself accountable for it; again, don’t go super health crazy; that’ll ensure you plunge back into the abyss! Pick 2-5 things to increase and 2-5 things to drop on a daily or weekly basis. If your day-to-day motivation is low, find a way around it; why not do a big Sunday cook-up to last you the week? Maybe juicing is best for you, or maybe hubby can back you up and cook a little more? Like I said, make a plan that you can credibly stick to and just do it, just do more than what you’re doing now!

Salmon and liver are packed full of goodies for creating an abundance of hormones and neurotransmitters! Whenever I feel blue, my go-to meal for the evening will consist of one of these, and I always feel perky again the next day. Win!
Green Vegetables will alkalise your body and help replenish many vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in, that, as a result can often cause anxiety and depression. 
Natural Fats particularly flaxseed oil, walnut oil, fish oil and avocados. These provide you with energy and particularly Omega 3 fatty acids that ensure cell and brain function, deficiency in Omega 3s have a strong link to depressive states- load up!
Legumes and Cereals not only provide you with rich sources of vitamins and minerals essential for your optimum function but will also help maintain stable blood sugar as opposed to white flour products, resulting in fewer mood swings. 

Why? Here we are essentially dropping sugars (alcohol and flour products), minimising acidity in the body (meat and dairy) and caffeine. Caffeine and sugar combined have been found many times over to be even worst than either substance consumed alone AND to drive depressive states in patients. 

Exercise- The Most Potent and Underused Anti-Depressant.

Review any study and you will see that exercise has profound anti-depressant effects, decreasing also anxiety and malaise. Furthermore, those who exercise benefit from increased self-esteem and happiness levels, due to a heightened levels of endorphins which are linked with mood. 

Pick something you actually enjoy doing! Like dancing?? Join a salsa class! Maybe you find tennis more exciting? Do it! Exercise doesn’t have to be running and weights, find an activity that you ENJOY! Join a club, mingle with others, get active and simply have fun. 

Nutritional Supplements and Botanical Remedies. 

Give yourself a boost when climbing out of depression with the following; High Potency Multi-Vitamin depressed individuals often have a nutritional deficiency and a single lacking element will have a strong effect on the body. By taking a multi-vitamin, you are essentially building a solid framework to build upon. 

Fish Oil if your consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids is low.

Saint John’s Wort has long been a recognized herb against mild-moderate depressive states, it has excellent results with far fewer side effects than standard anti-depressant medication, lower cost and greater patient satisfaction. In 1996 physicians prescribed it eight times more frequently than Prozac for the treatment of depression. Unfortunately, it’s safety and efficiency became so popular that a giant drug company at the time conducted a ‘study’ discrediting it’s efficacy. 

Bach Flower Remedies 
Elm- When you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed because you are overworked or have too many responsibilities, Elm is the remedy of choice.

Gentian -When you feel pessimistic, discouraged, or have lost faith.  It is used for depression when a person knows the reason for his or her sadness.

Gorse- When you feel hopeless, that there is nothing that can be done for you, or resigned to your less-than-ideal fate, gorse may be helpful.

Mustard- Mustard is used for sadness or depression that has no apparent cause.  It feels like a dark cloud has blocked out happiness and joy.

Sweet Chestnut- Selected for feelings of hopelessness, Sweet Chestnut reflects a long, courageous battle that feels lost.  It is particularly suited when it feels like an inner transformation is occurring and a “dying off” of a person’s old self is taking place.

Willow- Willow is best suited for negativity and a tendency to blame others for the problems in life.  Alternatively, if your sadness is linked to a grudge that you’re holding onto but would like to let go of, Willow is a good choice.

Rescue Remedy- When you’re not sure which remedy to choose, Rescue remedy is a good choice.  It is a combination of five remedies and is used to help manage stress, trauma, and, of course, sadness.

I’d love to hear from you, so let me know how you go! If you have any questions or would like to have an adapted and personalized treatment plan to suit you, contact me here

How To Cure Insomnia and Sleep Better

How To Cure Insomnia and Sleep Better

I don’t know if it’s because Christmas is just around the corner or I’m sending out some sort of rested vibe, but I’ve got a lot of Insomnia patients at the moment who just want to sleep better and seeking  the ever elusive insomnia cure! 

So before we dive in, I’m just going to clarify, insomnia is when you have difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep at least three nights per weekwith the addition and resulting in sleep related daytime impairment. 

Immediate Insomnia Cures 

Without delving into where your specific insomnia stems from, these 6 insomnia cures have been proven to work  time and time again for insomnia sufferers. I’ve seen it in clinic with my patients and have attached some studies below if you wanted to research them a little more.
You can apply one of them or all 6 if you want to super charge your ability to sleep better. 

Avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine in the afternoon, yep, we all know this one but it definitely is worth the mention as you’d be surprised at how much these 3 things can affect sleep patterns and rested sleep. 

Make sure you don’t have Sleep Apnea. This is another big one that often gets unnoticed and is surprisingly common. Ask your spouse or partner (or a sleep cycle app) to listen out while you’re asleep for signs of breathing pauses. It sounds similar to when you hold your breath for a long time and then suddenly take a huge lung- full of air. For apnea sufferers, that lung-full of air is usually a big snoring lung-full.

If you do have sleep apnea, see your healthcare advisor and resolve the problem. It has been linked to daytime sleepiness, morning headaches and more seriously, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, loss of memory function, heart attacks and stroke. ​

Serotonin turns into Melatonin. Serotonin one of the main hormones to improve our mood, that’s why anti- depressants often focus either producing more of this hormone or increasing it’s receptors within the body. 

But what you may not have known is that our sleep hormone Melatonin needs Serotonin to be produced, so if you aren’t producing enough Serotonin, chances are you aren’t producing enough Melatonin. This is one of the reasons that Depression and Insomnia are inextricably linked.

So what you need to do is ensure that you’re eating everything your gut needs to produce these hormones. There is a long path for how these hormones are produced ranging from Tryptophan to 5 HTP to Serotonin but I really want to keep this simple so you can easily apply all this. 

In short ensure you eat enough of all your B vitamins and Vitamin D, and when I say enough, I mean regularly eating these foods because your body doesn’t store them.

Foods strong in Vitamin Bs and D are:

  • Brewers Yeast
  • Eggs
  • WHOLE grains. *cough* not white flour *cough*
  • Liver- Sounds gross I know but man oh man this one is a seriously under-rated superfood, especially for hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Brown Rice
  • Fish, my personal favorite being salmon since it’s massively nutrient rich and gets a double thumbs up. 
  • Greens, greens and more greens! The greener the vegetable, the more of a kick it’s going to give you! I know you’re rolling your eyes right now and thinking ‘oh man” but seriously, there’s no way round this one.

Now, I’m against dairy for several reasons, but if you’re fine with it, go for gold and add in some cheese, milk and dairy products. 

Don’t forget regular sunlight for an extra boost in Vitamin D production.

Mindfulness Programs and Habits have been shown to drastically improve insomnia and help many many sufferers to sleep better because, essentially, you’re training your mind to quieten down the endless mental chatter.

Don’t be turned off by this one, mindfullness and meditation doesn’t have to last hours on end each day.

Find on that works for you in a time frame that works for you, and stick with it. You’ll notice the difference within a week.

I’ve tested and played around with what works for me, and found that 10minutes of breath meditation as soon as I wake up sticks the most, I also quite like group settings as it keeps me accountable and helps me interact with people with the same needs and difficulties. 

Here are some of the things you could try. 

  • Join a meditation group in your area.
  • Join a Yoga class.
  • Qi Gong or Tai Chi are excellent but not for everyone
  • Listen to some visualisations and meditations on YouTube.

Valerian Officinalis is well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups. It has been used as a sleeping aid for hundreds of years especially when there is excitation or difficulty in falling to sleep due to nervousness. 
Over 20 studies have been conducted and found participants to sleep better, improving the quality of sleep and relieve insomnia. 

Acupuncture and acupressure work very well, after reading studies on the subject, I started to use it in clinic and found wonderful results with my clients (in conjunction with other tools), for those of you comfortable with acupressure; I’ve attached pictures of the point locations for you to use.
If you aren’t comfortable or don’t know how to hold points, see an acupuncturist orcome and see me for a personalized treatment plan.

The points are as follows: GV24, GV20, SP6, Ht7 and the Sishencong Points

Cure Insomnia Long-Term

Now, the above information to sleep better work wonders, but, we need to remember that Insomnia is actually a symptom of a deeper problem.

So honestly, if you have been battling with insomnia and poor sleep for a long time, you really do need to seek a health professional that will work with you find the source of the problem.

Obviously *grin*, I recommend a Holistic Kinesiologist, since, it’s one of the only modalities I know of that can tap into so many different internal systems, with such a wide array of tools and specifically adapted to you and what you need, without the information overload.

One of my earliest clients, when I was just starting out was a Japanese woman, suffering from a case of pretty bad insomnia that had never heard of Holistic Kinesiology. She was hooked after one session, cured her insomnia and ended up being a client for other reasons for over a year. In the end, she had to go back to Japan and I remember how panicked she was at the idea of not finding another Holistic Kinesiologist back home. 
(if there are any Holistic Kinesiologists reading this that are in Japan- Give me a holler! I’ve got a really lovely client to send over your way!!)

Anyway, let me know how you go with your Insomnia! If you apply at least 3 of the above techniques, I guarantee you’ll sleep better!

​Don’t forget to give me some feedback about how you’re going with it all!!

Love Alicia x

Contact Me Here or leave a comment below.

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How to Use Colour Clarity To Get Un-Stuck.

How to Use Colour Clarity To Get Un-Stuck.

Voilet and Orange. 

These are the colours that just came up for me when I used the little trick I am about to show you, and yep, they pretty much sum up exactly what I needed to getting un-stuck.

You see, this morning, I woke up with two things in mind:

1) Producing something for my website, and
2) Making sure it was something that you could use to help you (since it is after all, the DIY Vibrance section).

So here I was at my desk, books open, research article tabs open, all geed up for my butt kicking content that was going to write about; when ( and I don’t know how this happened), I lost traction, got deflated and stuck.

Like, really stuck.

I had these great goals and ideas in mind, but somehow each path I went down lead to a roadblock. Raahhhhh! Back to square one. Scratch that; back to step -5, if I include the fluster and frustration.

My next move ended up solving all my morning problems in one hit. It’s one of the tools I use really often when I’m out of alignment, it’s super easy and best of all, I find it works for me Every. Single. Time.

So first, what’s the problem?

You can’t have an answer without a question. In my case, whenever I do this, the issue has usually been on my mind and is already quite present and clear.

Have a think about what you want to re-align with and what has been bothering you.

What are the feelings associated with it?

If you close your eyes and feel it, where is its location within your body or around you?

If you’re reading this thinking ‘ehhh?’ Let’s use today’s example- I was feeling annoyed, stuck and as a result, confused and a little lost.
It was as if I was on a little island with a big void at my feet in all directions.

​When I did this 3 weeks ago, the direction I wanted to go in had a big glass pane stopping me from taking the path I wanted.

Get it?
Your turn now.

​Visualize the problem and the feelings associated around it.

​The more palpable it is the more precise the colour correction will be. \

Next, which colour do you NEED?

Hold up, I’m not asking you what your favourite colour is, I’m asking you which one are you drawn to; the one you need more of right now. Here is the part where I usually self-muscle test (as all good Kinesiologists do) that way I get my answer before my left-brain has a chance to start meddling with the outcome, so if you know how to then go for gold! If not, no sweat; turn off your brain for this part and use your intuition and your felt sense to get your colour.

The meaning of your colour.

-A restful emptiness
– Protection to allow quieting
-Can be threatening and amplify fear or terror
– Indicated in cases where there is fragility.

– Heating and gives energy when there is a lack of vitality.
– Developing a boldness and dynamic attitude.
– Can lead to excess, impulsivity and recklessness.
​- Indicated in cases where there are ‘survival issues’ leaving the person ungrounded. 

-Removal of blocks, evokes creativity. 
– Playfulness in life.
– Sensuality.
– Can bring independence from co-dependancy.
– Orange is indicated to ease and heal shock and warm to change.

– Removal of fears and nervousness that create digestive disorders.
– An ability to concentrate.
– A healthy immune system.
– Tonification.
– Yellow is indicated where there is a lack of clarity, overthinking and churning. 

– Space ( to have a wider view and a sense of space).
– Growth.
– Healing.
– Regeneration.
– Freedom from other people’s rules.
– Green is indicated in cases of envy, greed and jealousy. 

– Effective communication. 
-Going beyond what is known; the active search for information,
– A sense of distance.
– Peace, solitude and rest.
– Blue energy is indicated for a sense of aloofness and distance.

– Internal communication.
– A sedating of the conscious mind to allow intuition.
– Finding peace in reflection.
– A focus on personal issues, beliefs and ideas. 
– Relief from physical, mental and emotional pain.
– Indigo is indicated when the person is ungrounded and there is a need for inspiration inward rather than outward. 

– The use of imagination in practical ways.
– Integration of new skills in day-to-day life.
– Energy away from lethargy or depression. 
– Violet is indicated where a person lives in a world of fantasy.

– Expression of ourselves and our wishes.
– Motivation.
-Building and strengthening body systems.
– Turquoise is indicated where there is a lack of interest in life or a lack of courage.

– Bringing about underlying confidence.
– A softening of fear at an emotional level.
– Self acceptance of emotions
– Takes the heat out of an aggressive situation. 
-Indicated where there is a need for self acceptance and a reduction of aggression and violence.

How to use the color to resolve and soothe the problem.

I’m sure that when you read what your color promotes, you identified with the lesson and what it is that you need more of.

If you’re a little confused,  let’s say your color was pink, do need more confidence to address the issue right now? Is it that you need to simply accept yourself and your emotions rather than trying to fight it off? 

Armed with this information, there are so many things you can do you can now do to utilize the lesson and promotion of that color’s vibration!!

 It simply depends on what you feel you need (again, if there was a Kinesiologist around, you’d have the answer knocking at your door.)
Here are some ideas of what I sometimes do and seriously, I find it clears really quickly, so again, use your intuition, felt sense and what you’re comfortable with! 

You could: 

– Wear clothes of that color, the other day, I found myself buying a pink singlet for that reason.

– Wear jewellery of that color. 

– Visualize breathing that colour into and throughout your body, optionally you could then breath it out and focus it onto the problem you originally had.

For example- this morning, when I felt like I was on a little island with void all around me, I then visualised breathing out a voilet cloud that naturally created a violet platform in front of me that I used to step forward (as a result, this article).

So, for you, does it dissolve your problem? Does it fill some sort of void? How does your colour change the ‘image’ of your problem?

Whatever works for you, the important thing is to utilize the colour
to bring about its effects and help you move forward and getting un-stuck! I love it this trick, it’s the easiest thing in the world and works a charm!

Write to me and let me know how you go! When you get used to doing it at times of frustration it’s a magical little tool to get you forward.


Why You Should Be Tripling Your Weekly Dose Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salmon.

Why You Should Be Tripling Your Weekly Dose Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salmon.

You may already know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet, but, did you also know that cultures that consume diets rich in this golden goodness also display lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease?
More and more studies are finding that the plant compound responsible for this is called Oleocanthal; and it happens to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. It’s so powerful in fact, that it helps the brain clear itself of the amyloid plaque found in toxic levels in the brain of Alzheimer’s sufferers by increasing the activity of enzymes that degrade this plaque.
Got your attention yet? Perfect! Let’s delve a little deeper into fats and oils. 

If we look into the brain we know that certain foods feed it’s capacity to function clearly and efficiently in conjunction to the plethora of variables and changes happening in each second, hour and day. We also know, just like the rest of the body, that certain foods and interferences cause it’s functioning to reduce. The more challenges; the greater difficulty it has doing its job. 

Enter the Omegas…
On one hand, we have Omega 3s- Supplier of brain proteins, champion fighter of inflammation and facilitator of neuronal and neurotransmitter communication and fluidity. (Think fish, nuts and Avocados) On the other hand; Omega 6s- Competitor for prime seats in cell membranes of the brain, pro- inflammation lobbyist and very susceptible to oxidisation. 

Now, when eaten in moderation, Omega 6’s are good for us, the problem is while our ancestors had a ratio of 1:1, our current diets now resemble whopping ratio of 1:25!
​This means that every gram of Omega-3 we consume, is being washed down at least 25 grams of Omega-6. 
This kicks the ageing process into high gear, accelerating the degenerative processes which underlie MANY of the chronic illnesses burdening our society today including but not limited to Alzeimer’s, Parkinson’s, Vascular Dementia and MS. 

Putting aside Chronic Illness and brain degeneration, on a day to day function alone, healthy fats (eggs, avocado, fatty fish and and extra virgin olive oil) aid the absorption of critical fat soluble vitamins such as Vit A, E, D, K as well as important carotenoids such as Beta-Carotene. Just the function of acting as a nutrient ferry makes it a non negotiable to add to our diets. 

For those who love study based evidence; I’m sure you’ll agree the results are quite substantial: 
– By supplementing with a daily dose of good quality fish oil, a study from Ohio State University found a 20% reduction in student anxiety. 

– Researches have found that children with lower Omega 6’s in their diets perform significantly better with regards executive function. Another study by Berlin’s Charité Hospital found a 26% increase in the executive function of subjects, increased grey matter volume and “superior white matter integrity”. Just with a daily Omega 3 supplement.
(For a bit of context on executive function, it’s the capacity to pay attention, plan and organise, regulate emotions, stay focused and self monitoring. ADHD for example is a disorder commonly referred to as a problem with executive function.) 

– The last study I’ll refer to, (just in case you had any doubts) takes place in Melbourne University. Again, just a daily dose of fish oil was given to people in their teens and early twenties with a history of psychotic symptoms. Over three months, they noted a DECREASE of psychotic episodes, but even more impressive was that when doctors assessed the patients seven years later– the found only 10% converted to full on psychotic disorders. As opposed to the 40% placebo group. A four fold risk reduction! Layered onto this, they were higher functioning and needed less medication to manage their symptoms. 

Incredible, right? 
So, what to do? Decrease the very volatile polyunsaturated fats- found in cheap oils such as canola, vegetable oil, spreads, fish and chip shops and inside packaged foods and cereals. 
Increase monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and Avocados (tip on choosing the right one below). 

Each fatty fish multiple times a week or supplement with a high quality fish oil (ask your health food shop naturopath)

Choosing the right Extra Virgin Olive oil. 
Now before you go out and buy a bulk container EVOO, here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting your oil.

According to Nicholas Coleman- an Oleologist who specialises in the cultivation of Extra Virgin Olive Oils; A good quality oil should taste grassy, never greasy, regardless of it’s colour. Because Oleocanthal is responsible for the peppery taste in EVOO, it can be used as a measure of how much is actually present in the oil, so the spicier and more peppery the oil the better it is. If it makes you cough, you’ve found a winner and your brain will thank you for it.

Lastly, store the oil in a bottle shielding it from sunlight, in a cool, dry place and lather it in as many food sources as you can!