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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Kinesiology Work?
Kinesiology uses feedback from your body through a technique known as muscle monitoring, where gentle pressure is applied to muscles in various positions. How the muscle responds will indicate whether there is stress or not.
Is It Safe?
Kinesiology is safe and moves at the pace the client is comfortable with, however, it can create significant change and may unlock or release stored emotion. Many people report feeling ‘lighter’ afterwards, however at times an emotional release can come as a bit of a surprise.
What Are Other Benefits of Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is a non-invasive, holistic health discipline.

By addressing stress and imbalances in the body, clients often report many benefits that are not just limited to the original health issue..

Often health issues (or stress) has a ripple effect that goes on to affect other areas of health and has the potential to also affect confidence, relationships, work abilities, and our ability to learn or create new opportunities.

Kinesiology has the benefit of identifying core issues and the other negative effects they cause and correct them.

Why Do I Need To See A Kinesiologist?
Kinesiology is beneficial for both corrective care or preventative care across physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and/or improvements.

A kinesiologist can be used in combination with other treatments to increase or support outcomes, or utilised solo, depending on your needs and health goals.

What Kind Of Education And Training Do Kinesiologists Have?
Our Kinesiologist, Alicia, has completed a double diploma in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine at the College Of Complementary Medicine in Sydney, followed by specific training within Kinesiology for children.
Will My Session Be Covered By Private Health Insurance?
Government changes to health fund rebates have wiped a large list of health modalities, including Kinesiology. As of April 2019, although accredited, health fund rebates will no longer be available.
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