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Voilet and Orange.

These are the colours that just came up for me when I used the little trick I am about to show you, and yep, they pretty much sum up exactly what I needed to getting un-stuck.

You see, this morning, I woke up with two things in mind:

1) Producing something for my website, and
2) Making sure it was something that you could use to help you (since it is after all, the DIY Vibrance section).

So here I was at my desk, books open, research article tabs open, all geed up for my butt kicking content that was going to write about; when ( and I don’t know how this happened), I lost traction, got deflated and stuck.

Like, really stuck.

I had these great goals and ideas in mind, but somehow each path I went down lead to a roadblock. Raahhhhh! Back to square one. Scratch that; back to step -5, if I include the fluster and frustration.

My next move ended up solving all my morning problems in one hit. It’s one of the tools I use really often when I’m out of alignment, it’s super easy and best of all, I find it works for me Every. Single. Time.

So first, what’s the problem?

You can’t have an answer without a question. In my case, whenever I do this, the issue has usually been on my mind and is already quite present and clear.

Have a think about what you want to re-align with and what has been bothering you.

What are the feelings associated with it?

If you close your eyes and feel it, where is its location within your body or around you?

If you’re reading this thinking ‘ehhh?’ Let’s use today’s example- I was feeling annoyed, stuck and as a result, confused and a little lost.
It was as if I was on a little island with a big void at my feet in all directions.

​When I did this 3 weeks ago, the direction I wanted to go in had a big glass pane stopping me from taking the path I wanted.

Get it?
Your turn now.

​Visualize the problem and the feelings associated around it.

​The more palpable it is the more precise the colour correction will be. \

Next, which colour do you NEED?

Hold up, I’m not asking you what your favourite colour is, I’m asking you which one are you drawn to; the one you need more of right now. Here is the part where I usually self-muscle test (as all good Kinesiologists do) that way I get my answer before my left-brain has a chance to start meddling with the outcome, so if you know how to then go for gold! If not, no sweat; turn off your brain for this part and use your intuition and your felt sense to get your colour.

The meaning of your colour.

-A restful emptiness
– Protection to allow quieting
-Can be threatening and amplify fear or terror
– Indicated in cases where there is fragility.

– Heating and gives energy when there is a lack of vitality.
– Developing a boldness and dynamic attitude.
– Can lead to excess, impulsivity and recklessness.
​- Indicated in cases where there are ‘survival issues’ leaving the person ungrounded.

-Removal of blocks, evokes creativity.
– Playfulness in life.
– Sensuality.
– Can bring independence from co-dependancy.
– Orange is indicated to ease and heal shock and warm to change.

– Removal of fears and nervousness that create digestive disorders.
– An ability to concentrate.
– A healthy immune system.
– Tonification.
– Yellow is indicated where there is a lack of clarity, overthinking and churning.

– Space ( to have a wider view and a sense of space).
– Growth.
– Healing.
– Regeneration.
– Freedom from other people’s rules.
– Green is indicated in cases of envy, greed and jealousy.

– Effective communication.
-Going beyond what is known; the active search for information,
– A sense of distance.
– Peace, solitude and rest.
– Blue energy is indicated for a sense of aloofness and distance.

– Internal communication.
– A sedating of the conscious mind to allow intuition.
– Finding peace in reflection.
– A focus on personal issues, beliefs and ideas.
– Relief from physical, mental and emotional pain.
– Indigo is indicated when the person is ungrounded and there is a need for inspiration inward rather than outward.

– The use of imagination in practical ways.
– Integration of new skills in day-to-day life.
– Energy away from lethargy or depression.
– Violet is indicated where a person lives in a world of fantasy.

– Expression of ourselves and our wishes.
– Motivation.
-Building and strengthening body systems.
– Turquoise is indicated where there is a lack of interest in life or a lack of courage.

– Bringing about underlying confidence.
– A softening of fear at an emotional level.
– Self acceptance of emotions
– Takes the heat out of an aggressive situation.
-Indicated where there is a need for self acceptance and a reduction of aggression and violence.

How to use the color to resolve and soothe the problem.

I’m sure that when you read what your color promotes, you identified with the lesson and what it is that you need more of.

If you’re a little confused,  let’s say your color was pink, do need more confidence to address the issue right now? Is it that you need to simply accept yourself and your emotions rather than trying to fight it off?

Armed with this information, there are so many things you can do you can now do to utilize the lesson and promotion of that color’s vibration!!

It simply depends on what you feel you need (again, if there was a Kinesiologist around, you’d have the answer knocking at your door.)
Here are some ideas of what I sometimes do and seriously, I find it clears really quickly, so again, use your intuition, felt sense and what you’re comfortable with!

You could: 

– Wear clothes of that color, the other day, I found myself buying a pink singlet for that reason.

– Wear jewellery of that color. 

– Visualize breathing that colour into and throughout your body, optionally you could then breath it out and focus it onto the problem you originally had.

For example- this morning, when I felt like I was on a little island with void all around me, I then visualised breathing out a voilet cloud that naturally created a violet platform in front of me that I used to step forward (as a result, this article).

So, for you, does it dissolve your problem? Does it fill some sort of void? How does your colour change the ‘image’ of your problem?

Whatever works for you, the important thing is to utilize the colour
to bring about its effects and help you move forward and getting un-stuck! I love it this trick, it’s the easiest thing in the world and works a charm!

Write to me and let me know how you go! When you get used to doing it at times of frustration it’s a magical little tool to get you forward.


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