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So, you’ve read The Secret. Your vision board is up and you’re consistently watching your thoughts and practising gratitude. It’s been good and you’re seeing a difference, however, something’s missing. If you’re ready to super charge your manifesting power, read on..

To recap on The Secret, Rhonda Byrne emphasises just how much your thought processes attract more of the like. Whether it in the positive or negative, your thoughts are like a magnet- constantly attracting more evidence of itself in your life.

This is the Law of Attraction and can be applied to every area of life. Work, Money, Health- you name it, your outlook is influencing it.

Given you keep your manifestations in yours’ and others’ highest interests- physically, emotionally, interpersonal connections, health; whatever it is I guarantee your life will inevitably blossom and your outlook will shine.

You will no doubt:

  • Feel and develop self fulfilment, self satisfaction and a healthy self esteem.
  • Squash out stagnation leading to glumness, boredom, pessimism and inevitably depression and resentment.
  • Feel a deep sense of meaning, purpose and self actualisation.
  • Inspire and enthuse others to do the same, you give permission for others to shine their own light.
  • Lift your vibration and with that, joy and vibrance.
  • Simply be a cool, calm and interesting human to be around

You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The trick is to ensure your belief system and subconscious beliefs are 100% on board.

Setting Your Sights and Honing In.

Start by creating a clear manifesting goal. Bring it into the present- future goals amplify what you don’t yet have, you’ll always be chasing a future rather than reeling it in. So make the visualisation it in the now and always in the positive.

Create a clear image in your mind doing the activity, incorporating the skill or having the thing. Bring about all the senses. I like to have an image for each sense before I go any further, the extra time I spend in this planning phase goes a long way when I need to recall it.


SuperCharge The Manifesting Magic

Here is where the magic absolutely blossoms. Your subconscious brain is like your super computer- it’s your own personal genie. It’s always working- even when you sleep; chugging away and full-filling your every request. It is formed and moulded by your environmental dialogue up until 20 years old and by what you’re saying to it on a daily basis. If you’re regularly telling her she’s not good enough, that you can only have a rest/be lazy when you’re sick or that you don’t have enough money. Guess what your subconscious will prove to you?

Your subconscious is playful, communicates in images, she’s incredibly resourceful and  remembers absolutely everything (unlike your conscious). She will do everything she can to work in your best interest. (This is where I often see Sabotage patterns in clinic. When your conscious and subconscious aren’t working in harmony with the same goals.)


Getting Your Subconscious Onboard

So the trick to supercharging your manifesting is to also communicate your intention for your subconscious to fullfill. This needs to happen not only with daily reminders of what you’re manifesting and attention to your thoughts; but also by communicating and (re)programing your subconscious. This is done by getting into Alpha and Theta states of mind (altered brain frequencies) aka- Deep Meditations.

Once a day (at least) you’re going to get into a deep meditation, however works for you and visualise what you’re manifesting in all it’s glory. See it, feel it, smell it. Bring it into the present and feel your mind and body getting excited, it feels effortless to do or have.

The deeper you go into your visualisation the firmer your subconscious will pick up the order to put into play. Do this in depth at least once daily and consistent reminders throughout the day.

Remember- your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined, so start programming it and don’t forget to thank her when she comes through with the goods. Every-time I have a mental download offering me the solution or, opportunities come up – I thank “Lucy” (yes, I’ve named my subconscious and address her as I do any friend)

Try it- You’d be absolutely stunned at how much your subconscious will abide by clarity and programming, it’s been shown time and time again.


Famous Faces-

Muhammad Ali’s famous quote “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it” already shows that he truly believed in the power of visualisation. He’s not the only one who used visualisation in his successful sports career. Arnold Schwarzenegger was also a big believer in visualising how he wanted to look like and kept on imagining it. Later on, he used the same technique in politics and acting. A study published in Neuropsychologia found that imagining to move certain parts of your bodies almost trains the muscles as much as the actual movement.

Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million that he kept in his wallet. He gave himself three years to achieve his dream of being an actor, and remarkably, was written a check for “Dumb and Dumber” equaling that amount three years later. How’s that for a super charged manifesting?

Russian scientists did a more precise experiment- four groups of Russian athletes trained using selected ratios of physical and mental practice as follows-

Athlete Visualisation

After a given period of training Group 1 ranked 4th, Group 2 ranked 3rd, Group 3- 2nd and Group 4 came out on top. Visualisation is now standard practice in athletic training.


​Stepping Stones

As you continue to consistently visualise yourself moving forward and gaining traction, your inner insight and the path will naturally present you with opportunities. Use these stepping stones to move through and reach your goal.

If you want to keep your manifesting super charged, check in with yourself; is any resistance? If so, this needs to be addressed. There’s usually some sort of belief lurking about. When beliefs or resistance crop up- evaluate it, dismantle it or make an appointment with your kinesiologist for a boosted resolution.



There will be roadblocks somewhere along the way. When you reach those moments of stuckness, find the why.  Are you uncomfortable getting out there? Do you have a fear of being successful? Is it a case of overwhelm? You may have a conscious or subconscious block that needs to be dissolved or shifted, if that’s the case, book in with your Kinesiologist to get back on track quickly.

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT get stuck here! Keep moving forward, it’s not a race but momentum is important. If you fizzle out, not only will you re-enforce the belief that your intention is unachievable. You’ll also breed resentment and frustration to yourself as well as others.


Setting The Pace.

A humble word of advice: Don’t forget to live, have fun, have hobbies and most of all actually enjoy the adventure and discovery that comes from moving through this. This is life, there’s more to it than one fixed objective, hobbies will keep you grounded and maintain a sense of fun, regardless of what happens. Also, celebrate your achievements! It’ll reinforce your determination, sense of satisfaction, but most of all your belief systems around being good enough.

You’ve done the thing- savour the sense achievement!  Your manifesting goal should be super charged but not rigid, if you have a hick-up, roll with it, it’s a lesson even if you can’t yet see it so don’t get deflated. Trust the universe and trust the energy and intentions you’re cultivating.
You should be feeling boosted and empowered rather than overdriven and eventually exhausted. (#LifeHack)

Now- Start Visualising and Enjoy! I’m right here if you need a belief or memory diffused along the way.

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

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