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I’m seeing a big theme at the moment revolving around exhausted, depleted mothers who come and see me only once they’re at a point of illness and overwhelm from the daily battles with their children.

Firstly, you’re not alone, so don’t feel guilty about your feelings of wanting to run away. It’s a well known fact that life with kids is far from peachy.

Secondly, please seek help prior to the overwhelmed and depletion, as it’s much harder to come back from it than to nip it in the bud. There are options for help and support, so find some that fit right for you.
With the Kinesiology, we can only work with the person for whom the session is dedicated to, so, it might be worth considering having an sessions for both you AND your child separately.

In the meantime, here is a quick video with some tips to help you out and considerations to think about which may be causing the resistance.

Much Love