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Anxiety & Stress

Left untreated, anxiety and stress will begin to take a huge toll on the body’s ability to function normally. Not only highly uncomfortable, over time issues such as adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, anger outbursts, jaw problems, ongoing pain and fertility issues can arise. In order to address anxiety, it’s important to find the common trigger, understand it, resolve it and either change our response or teach the brain and body to respond differently. Some of the ways we can go about this include psychology and counselling techniques, exploring limiting beliefs and previous trauma, lifestyle and environmental stressors, energetic medicine and physical corrections.

Anger & Behaviour

Anger, ongoing frustration and outbursts are often the result of holding on too tightly to something; often, ideals. This lack of flow can result in headaches, muscle tension, PMS, eyestrain, difficulty integrating new information as well as social and familial disruption. By using Kinesiology, muscle testing and counselling techniques, we’ll identify your own personal patterns and proceed to dissolve pent up frustrations as well as preventing new triggers from forming.

Grief & Heartbreak

Although grief is healthy and important, there are things that can facilitate it’s transition and flow, whether that be the loss of a loved one, diagnosis of an illness or a breakup. If left unresolved, grief can cause insomnia, obsessive thoughts, disbelief, anger and disconnection from one’s self. During your session we will focus on releasing the hurt, releasing the emotions and processing these so that it loses its sting. Some ways we do this is by talking in depth, re-aligning the body, clearing emotional and energetic stagnation and using Flower Essences to anchor the changes.

Self Esteem

Whether innate, environmental, relationship or childhood induced; low self-esteem will affect most aspects of daily function as well as the mental capacity to move forward, make clear decisions and interact socially. Because self-esteem is often a long-standing condition, anchored over many years, undoing the mindset can also take a little time, however, most people see changes and results as soon as the first session..

Past Trauma & PTSD

Whether it be trauma resulting from emotional, physical or psychological abuse or from a past event, if left unchecked we start to see changes in a person’s personality and behaviour. We’ll also start to see the development of stress-related illnesses and social/family and work disruptions. Hurt, trauma and forms of PTSD need to be addressed in a safe, comfortable and controlled environment and we resolve it gently by uncovering the triggers with careful consideration.


Ranging from a fear of being ‘seen’ all the way through to a fear of spiders, those familiar with fear know the feeling of being stuck. Sometimes this can be our subconscious translating into self-sabotage, fuelled by limiting beliefs we hold deep within. By working on the belief systems you hold, by dissolving them, changing them, proving them wrong or no longer needed, the natural result is the dissolution of these fears and their repercussions.

Residual Childhood Stress

Often the result of a critical, tough, negative or hurtful parent; the residual effects can be witnessed all the way into adulthood. Clearing residual childhood stress is a process that sometimes takes a little time, as the load needs to be lightened little by little without overwhelming. Using tools such as Flower Essences, psychology and counselling techniques, energetic medicine (such as acupoints) and physical corrections, you’ll feel lighter and notice the changes quite quickly.


The triggers to depression are different for everybody, the symptoms and result may be similar, but the underlying cause differs. If you are in a place where you feel you’re ready to take steps to make a shift; then, there are many things to look into an address- ranging from proven and study based results all the way through to your personal lifestyle factors, habits, nutrition, stressors and psychology.

Ongoing Pain

Whether lifestyle affecting or a wearisome ongoing pain, if the problem has still not resolved through your efforts to clear the issue and nothing in your lifestyle is antagonising the pain, you can be certain that there’s something else going on, which hasn’t been addressed. There is psychology there, a hurt that you’re likely holding onto, an aspect within yourself which you aren’t addressing and when you shine a light to it, it will dissipate and move on.


Children that visit the clinic can suffer from continued bedwetting, learning difficulties, fussy eating, behavioural problems, speech delays and anxiety. By working with the nervous system, diet, stress and retained reflexes we’ll often see rapid improvements to these problem areas, preventing them from developing further and causing deferred problems later on down the track.
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