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What Is Kinesiology?

What does a session involve?


A Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine Session will typically start by you and I sitting down and discussing in detail exactly what you would like to work on and address.
Once we’ve discussed this, I will either have a look at your posture and walking style or we’ll get you comfortably lying down onto the kinesiology table. From then, what we do is muscle test for and ‘wake up’ certain systems in the body. This is done as it provides us with more information on what’s driving your issue as well as clearly ‘informing’ and physically drawing attention towards what we want to diffuse and resolve. Waking these systems up means we are provided with more context to your problem.
Some examples could be certain muscles, meridians, emotions, past events, neuro-lymphatics, or specific areas of the body to name a few.


Once we’ve activated and explored these drivers and focus areas, I muscle test again for the correction necessary and apply it for about 40minutes. Your body knows exactly what it needs; particularly at this stage, so it very clearly shows us what resolution we need to undertake to diffuse the stress explored earlier and keep it diffused long-term. There are so many potential corrections that could come up for you that I’ll simply break it down into 4 main categories with a few examples-
  • Structural : Muscles, fascia, bones, alignment and compensations of the pelvis, back, neck, jaw and cranials.
  • Biochemical: : Hormonal imbalances, deficiencies, toxicity, adrenal stress and digestive issues.
  • Psycho-emotional : Diffusing memories, fears, phobias, attitudes, thoughts, behaviours, sabotage and limiting beliefs.
  • Electromagnetic : Rebalancing the flow and interaction of the energetic systems within the body including heavy metals, Qi flow, polarity stress.
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