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Achieve Your Goals! (You’ve totally got this!)

Let me ask you this, when do you feel proud of yourself the most?​When does your self-esteem get a nice little pump up?? If you were to break it right down, is it when you've worked towards and achieved something that you put your mind to? When in the end, you...

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Escape Depression.

One of the very first things to consider and eliminate when trying to heal from depression is the possibility of depression due to other causes. Certain ailments and conditions such as insomnia have long being associated with depression, as has thyroid...

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How To Cure Insomnia and Sleep Better

I don't know if it's because Christmas is just around the corner or I'm sending out some sort of rested vibe, but I've got a lot of Insomnia patients at the moment who just want to sleep better and seeking  the ever elusive insomnia cure!  So before we dive...

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Is Your Perfectionism Eating Away At Your Happiness?

“What’s so bad about being a perfectionist” my client asked me, “if it means I simply like things to be well done?” Well yes, of course, if just meant to simply enjoy things done ‘correctly’ and efficiently.. But, what about when it starts eating away at your levels...

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How to Use Color Clarity To Get Un-Stuck.

Voilet and Orange.  These are the colors that just came up for me when I used the little trick I am about to show you, and yep, they pretty much sum up exactly what I needed to getting un-stuck. You see, this morning, I woke up with two things in mind:...

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6 Steps To Heal Baby Eczema (For Good!)

Well hello, lovely mummy! ​If you’re here, your little one has probably developed eczema and now you’re frantically searching the internet for what you can actually do to minimise and heal it! Fear not! You’ve come to the right place! Now, you may have read articles...

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